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I discovered yoga for the first time a little over 10 years ago. By a happy accident, I misread the gym schedule and wandered distractedly into what I thought would be “Abs n’ Glutes.” You can imagine my surprise when the instructor opened the class with an “Om.” The remaining 90 minutes was one pleasant and hilarious surprise after another as I struggled to flow, stretch, and balance.
Ever since that first fateful class, I have been striving to find ways to incorporate yoga into my life. I am now ready to to make yoga more than just a personal exercise and health routine; I am ready to fully integrate it into my life as a career path. As a nurse of 15 years, I have become very aware of the ways in which the modern healthcare system is failing to deliver health and wellness, and I believe ancient wisdom and practices such as yoga hold the key to restoring wellness and joy.
My goal for myself as a teacher of yoga is to make yoga philosophy and practice accessible to a broad range of students. I aspire to design classes that will help students to develop a sense of self-compassion, acceptance, and to ultimately find healing in terms their own mind, body, and spirit dictate.